Free Themes

Websites and Applications made with Polymer


Mailbox inspired by Jakub Antalik's design on dribbble. Uses GMail API and Polymer.

Smart Canvas

Smart Canvas is an app powered by Artificial Intelligence that helps companies and employees to break silos of knowledge and discover connections between content and people that aren't easy to be anticipated.

LSU Locker Maker

LSU Locker Maker is a jersey/locker generator for the LSU football team. You can customize your own locker and then download or share the design to social media channels. It is built to work on all screen sizes and most mobile devices.


Evopoints is an ecommerce website aimed at gamers, selling digital codes for various services.


Get places nearby to you. Made with Google Map Place Service, Polymer and Firebase.


Cloudstitch powers your web pages with Google Spreadsheets. You can make forms, widgets, APIs, and power visualizations without ever using a database or managing an app server again.


BlueMesh makes it easy to stay on top of your development dependencies by automatically analyzing your website or processing your dependency file to detect what you're using. From there you can receive news about releases, bugs, updates, and announcements from the products you care about.


An app for torrent users. Keyword search across all major torrent sites, with alerts of torrent updates.


InPay uses Polymer to provide a Bitcoin Payment Terminal. InPay enables merchants to accept Bitcoin payments using their mobile or desktop devices.